CREA Kenya Lobby and Training Programs

We provide several programs that are aimed at promoting our goals of real estate education, lobby, and trainings for real estate agents. 

Featured Programs

Monthly Member Meetings

CREA-Kenya’s monthly meetings are geared towards networking, exposure of sponsor services and educational in nature to allow our members to continuously keep updated about the current market trends.

Annual Conferences

Every year, CREA-Kenya hosts a conference to collaboratively explore trends and changes in the industry that can benefit each of our members. This conference is attended and sponsored by various real estate players both local and international

Lobby and advocacy

The Association has become the lobby arm of real estate on behalf of its members including, lobbying on tax issues in parliament, a good regulatory environment with the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, and making presentations on land and housing forums representing the real estate industry. The Association is represented on many of the committees in the ministry concerning land and housing policy issues.

CREA Women Council

Our Women’s Committee remains steadfast in its efforts to grow the network and provide women with the necessary tools that will ultimately support their desire to flourish as real estate professionals.

Indeed, the existence of this committee is a means of bridging the knowledge gap between men and women within Kenya’s real estate industry; a way of ensuring that women who aspire to be real estate agents are equally as equipped and competent as their male counterparts.

Part of being a competent real estate agent requires knowing which aspect of the industry your interests, skills, and strengths best align with. While being interested in real estate is important, women have learned that having the ability to narrow their interest and specialize in a particular aspect of the industry is especially vital for success in real estate.

In the meantime, though, the Women’s Committee continues to be one of the prominent organizations in Kenya that provides a crucial space for women interested in real estate to come together and work toward a common goal. “Because of the growth potential in real estate women have to seize this opportunity to develop themselves for the business of the real estate. Real estate is becoming  one of the most profitable businesses.”

And with its steadily increasing membership, the Women’s Committee is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.