CREA-KENYA came into existence after realizing the negative trend of events that have been taking place in the real estate agency marketplace. The market has been circulated by un-educated practitioners in the discipline thus branding it an unscrupulous venture by some media, where inflating of prices of property and unreliable service delivery has been the day-to-day characteristic.
Therefore, the officially registered companies and professionals have continued sharing the negative impact of society’s resistance to their services hence the collapse of businesses, profession, and distortion of service that is required by the majority of the Kenyan society.
The Chamber of Real estate agents (CREA-KENYA) is an umbrella institution of real estate agency/brokerage companies, and real estate agency /brokerage professionals in Kenya, and other organizations that have key interests in real estate agency/brokerage.

This is to stimulate cooperation in the business, strengthening professional qualifications, and establishing codes of conduct and business standards


New Deals Per Week


Trusted Realtors


Property Agents


Satisfied Clients

Membership Packages

Corporate Membership = KES 10,000
Individual Membership = KES 5,000
Student Membership = KES 1,000
All memberships are renewed annually at the same rate subject to terms and conditions. 

**Payments to be done via Cheque in favor of CHAMBER OF REAL ESTATE AGENTS

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