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Having been founded two years ago, the Chamber of Real Estate Agents of Kenya (CREA- Kenya) is an umbrella body of real estate agents and managers, real estate professionals, and other organizations with interest in the real estate sector. CREA-Kenya was formed to bring real estate agents/managers and others interested in the sector into one body to work collectively towards developing a professional real estate sector in Kenya and creating awareness of its benefits as an engine for economic growth.

Our mission is:

  1. To promote real estate education in the country
  2. To ensure best business practices and ethics
  3. To carry out, lobby and advocacy in favor of a regulatory framework for the real estate sector
  4. To collaborate with other stakeholders in the industry
  5. To carry out research and development
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Company Objectives

The main objectives of the CREA-Kenya among others are

  1. To lobby and advocate
  2. To promote real estate education
  3. To ensure business best practices
  4. To carry out research and development
  5. To encourage collaboration and networking

CREA-Kenya continues to enable skills enhancement and networking among its members through monthly meetings, in which every last Friday of the month a different theme is being discussed with the assistance of invited guest presenters. Additionally, CREA-Kenya continues a campaign of recruitment of new members.

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